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Unix Digger

The Unix version of Digger works with FreeBSD (using the console graphics driver) and SDL (a graphics API which has been ported to many platforms: Gnu/Linux, Win32, FreeBSD, BeOS, MacOS etc.).

This distribution does not include binaries but there are makefiles for various platforms. For questions, comments and suggestions on this version, email Maxim Sobolev.

Here are some patches to the SDL version for Darwin/MacOS X, courtesy of Markus W. Weissmann. This is also available on the *BSD-Ports system for the Darwin OS here. Sveinbjorn Thordarson has made a packaged version available for download here.

Building Mini-HOWTO
If your system is already supported by the Digger/SDL (currently FreeBSD, Linux and Windows with Cygwin toolkit) then do the following:

  • Download Digger's source tarball.
  • Unpack it.
  • Edit Makefile.sdl to uncomment appropriate "ARCH = your OS" and comment all others.
  • Make sure that you have the SDL library installed, if not then install it.
  • Build it using "make -f Makefile.sdl".
  • Have fun with Digger. To enable sound start it with "/A" option.

NOTE: If you are using FreeBSD, then it would be much easier for your to check official ports collection first, as it is likely that when you are reading this words Digger's port is already there.

Porting mini-HOWTO
It should be fairly easy to port Digger/SDL to any platform which supported by the SDL library and has GNU Make, GNU C compiler and libz comression library on it.

  • Edit Makefile.sdl to replace "FooOS" with actual name of your system.
  • Define additional flags necessary for compiler to find various include files, libraries etc., and fill where appropriate.
  • Edit def.h:
    • If your system is a UNIX-like (API's, filesystem layout, memory management etc), then replace "YOUR_UNIX_LIKE_ARCH_GOING_HERE" with actual name of your OS.
    • If your system has a flat memory model (most modern protected-mode system) then add its name to the list of OSes for which FLATFILE should be defined.
    • If your system doesn't have strup() function then add its name to the section where "fbsd_sup.h" being included and make sure that you have added fbsd_sup.c to the list of object files for your system in the Makefile.sdl.
    • If your system doesn't have stricmp() and strnicmp() string-comparing functions, but instead has strcasecmp() and strncasecmp() then add the name of your OS to the appropriate section of Makefile.sdl.

  • Try to compile Digger. Do not give up if something will go wrong, try to resolve the problems instead - it should not be very difficult to sort out.
  • If you have succeded please report your progress to Maxim Sobolev.