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Check out the Digger category in the Netscape Open Directory.

There is a mirror of this site here. There is also a mirror in Norway, but it's rather out of date.

Fan pages
Anton from the Ukraine created this page which has much of the information from this site translated into Russian.

Andreas Skyman created this shrine to Digger. There are some bits of information and programs about getting the original Digger to run on modern machines as well, if you're interested.

Chris's Digger page was somewhat out of date last time I looked at it.

This site is a blatant rip-off of www.digger.org but I'm not bitter. Conradie wrote to me recently but had forgotten all about creating this site!

Kenneth Kolding's Digger page.

Ok Implala! has a Digger page in English and Dutch.

Sveinbjorn Thordarson has a MacOS X version.

Java(script) Digger
Marek Futrega has also ported the game to Javascript.

A version of Digger for JavaME-enabled mobile phones is available here.

Other versions of Digger
Runar Holen has ported the Java version of Digger Remastered to Android and published it on Google Play.

Somebody made a Nintendo DS port of Digger Remastered.

Slava Cherkasov has made an improved version of Digger called Digger XP, based on the Digger Remastered sources and with improved graphics and sound. It's a pretty impressive piece of work - check it out!

The Rustic Classics version of Digger is a very amusing Digger clone not based on the original Digger source. The guy who wrote it, Philip Hassey, doesn't want any money for it, just marbles (I guess he's lost his...)

Divogames have made Bomberman vs. Digger, an interesting twist on the concept.

djdron made a Digger Remastered port for the Dingoo A320 portable gaming device.

Creat Studios made a Digger HD for the Playstation 3.

"Mystery Man" of CollectorVision Games made a version of Digger for the ColecoVision. It definitely seems to be based on the original or decompiled source, albeit with the heavy modifications needed to run on such limited hardware. A ROM image can be found here.

Other Remastered games
I'm in the process of remastering Styx and Sopwith.

Christian Pinder remastered Elite in a similar way.

Commercial Digger games
Alawar entertainment made a shareware game called Millennium Digger. This game has a "classic mode" which is a homage to the original Digger, but it's not as much fun to play as the original. Whilst I would be happier if they gave the game and source code away for free, I will reluctantly tolerate this, especially since (upon my request) they agreed to change the license agreement and acknowledge my contribution.

Alawar also made a sequel (again, a shareware game) - Double Digger which is a great improvement over their first attempt. This version is much more polished, with smoother graphics, better gameplay, nicer music and sound effects, and a two-player simultaneous mode. This is the only remake I have come across so far that is as much fun to play as the original. This has also been ported to Pocket PC.

Russian software company Doka have commercially released a game called Digger 2000. I haven't played it, so I don't know if it's any good, but the screenshots on their site are quite spectacular.

Another one I haven't played is Twigger, which was apparently played by Russian astronauts aboard the Mir space station!

Constantine Klyatskin of Russia has created a version of Digger for the Palmpilot. It is shareware and costs US$12. The game plays just like the original Digger, but because of limitations of the hardware, the controls are quite fiddly. Constantine claims to have used no code written by me or by Windmill Software in creating this.

C-Eon have a version of Digger for Pocket PC/Windows CE in their "Arcade Park" games compilation pack. It's pretty similar to the original but uses an entirely new codebase. There used to be a demo version, but unfortunately now it is commercial only.

Resources for old computer games
The Oldskool PC used to host the Digger site and is an invaluable reference for anyone interested in old games or demos and running them on modern PCs.

Mobygames is the ultimate online encyclopedia of computer games.

Home of the Underdogs has many old games available for download.

Retrograde's site is an excellent resource for booting games.

The Nostalgic Stuff Collection has some good games.

If you can't find what you're looking for in any of those places, try asking on the Gangsters abandonware forum or do a search on Google:

Other sites
Alessio Cavalieri made the USB Digger Joystick - an open source hardware interface for connecting old digital joysticks to USB ports so that they can be used with keyboard games, specifically Digger Remastered. Alessio has also written some instructions for building Digger for the Raspberry Pi.

The Digger ringtone (a.k.a. "Popcorn" by Hot Butter) in a formats suitable for Siemens and Nokia mobile phones.

Know of any more? Email me!