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Copyright (C) 1983 Windmill Software Inc.

Join the search for buried treasures of sparkling gold and shining emeralds. With chomping front jaws, your motorized Digger Mobile puts you in the driver's seat. Tunnerl out free form mazes, outsmart the wide-eyed Nobbins and race to collect precious gems. Count on your wits - you'll need them!

Digger is written entirely in machine language to take maximum advantage of your PC's superior graphics and sound capabilities. True cartoon animation with simultaneous music and sound effects make Digger come alive. Created originally for the IBM PC, we naturally include the features you're looking for:

top 10 scores saved on disk

multi-levels of play

2-player option

game pause

sound on/off

optional joystick support

and much more

Requirements: 64K memory
Color graphics adapter
Joystick or keyboard control

Windmill Software Inc.
2209 Leominster Drive, Burlington, Ontario, Canada L7P 3W8
(416) 336-3353


The Play:
Your aim is to collect precious gold and emeralds buried deep in subterranean levels of an old abandoned mine. With your motorized Digger Mobile, you tunnel out new shafts, scoop up emeralds and race ahead while dodging falling bags of gold and avoiding wide-eyed Nobbins hot on your trail.
    Valuable gold nuggets are stashed in heavy bags throughout the mine. You can push the bags down open shafts to break them open and expose the glimmering gold inside. This is your chance to scoop up the riches before the Nobbins beat you to it.
    To advance to a more challenging level with more Nobbins, Hobbins and gems, you must scoop up all the emeralds of destroy all the Nobbins in the current level.

Eliminating Nobbins:
You'll need skill and quick wits to avoid and destroy the wide-eyed Nobbins chasing you through the open shafts. Nobbins often grow impatient and turn into angry foot-stomping Hobbins who burrow through the mine to destroy your Digger Mobile.
    Nobbins are very delicate creatures. By pushing the heavy bags of gold down the long shafts, the Nobbins are crushed under the weight of the bursting bag. Don't forget to scoop up the gold when the bag breaks!
    Another defense against Hobbins and Nobbins are the bouncing fireballs on the roof of your Digger Mobile. Press Function Key F1 to throw the fireball, but be careful not to waste your shot since it takes time to regenerate another fireball.

Bonus Round:
After all the Nobbins have entered the abandoned mine, cherries appear in the upper right corner. Scooping up the cherries starts a special chase where you pursue the Nobbins and Hobbins for bonus points. Although your fireballs and falling bags still destroy the frightened creatures, you only win bonus points by colliding with them.

Loading Digger:
Place your Digger diskette in the left disk drive of your IBM PC and turn your computer on. When the title page appears on your display, you are ready to select one or two player game option.

One or Two Player Games:
The title page shows the One Player option. If Two Players want to join in the fun, press the ESC key to the left of the keyboard. When the title page shows the correct option, you are ready to select joystick or keyboard control.

Joystick Control:
Centre your joystick and press button #1. This will start the game using joystick control.
    Use the joystick to maneuvre your Digger Mobile through the mining site following old mining shafts and tunnelling new paths.
    Press button #1 to throw fireballs at the approaching Nobbins and Hobbins.

Keyboard Control:
To begin the game, press any key. Use the up, down, left and right arrow keys to maneuvre your Digger Mobile through the mining site following the old mining shafts and tunnelling new paths.
    Press Function Key F1 to throw fireballs at the approaching Nobbins and Hobbins.

Your score depends on the amount of emeralds and gold you collect, as well as the number of Hobbins and Nobbins you destroy. If you collect 8 emeralds in a row, you get 250 bonus points.

     Nobbins ................... 250
     Hobbins ................... 250
     Emeralds ..................  25
     Gold Nuggets .............. 500

Bonus points:
     8 Emeralds in a row ....... 250
     Nobbins.................... 200, 400, 800, 1600

With every 20,000 points, you earn an extra life.

High Scores:
Digger automatically records the top 10 high scores and the players' initials on your Digger diskette. To use this function, you must be sure that the diskette is in the left disk drive and that it does not have a write protect tab on it.

Special Functions:
Function Key F7 disables background music. Music may be restored by pressing the F7 key a second time.
    Function Key F9 disables background music and sound effects. These may be restored by pressing the F9 key a second time.
    The game may be suspended at any time by pressing the SPACE BAR. To resume your game, press any key.
    If the Digger picture is not centred on your display, hold down the Ctrl key while using the left and right arrow keys to reposition the screen.